How do you calculate carbon footprint? 40% of operators say they have no idea

Carbon footprint

COP26 has thrust the environmental responsibilities of organisations firmly into the spotlight over the last couple of weeks – but two in five hospitality businesses say they don’t even know how to calculate their carbon footprint.

Research carried out into how operators feel about sustainability reveals that 37% of hospitality firms admit they lack knowledge and confidence when it comes to running their businesses in a more sustainable way.

Meanwhile, 75% say that the pandemic has slowed their drive towards sustainability even though eight out of 10 recognise that sustainability is important to their customers, according to the study, which was carried out by BRITA Professional.

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Steve Buckmaster, director of sales at BRITA Professional, said: “This year has shone a light on several important issues, including the climate change crisis.

“However, as our research shows, many businesses in the hospitality sector are still struggling to operate in a sustainable way, despite it being of real importance to customers. We know that sustainability is an all-encompassing topic, and for many, that is a barrier for businesses in knowing where to begin.”

To support businesses with understanding more about the topic, BRITA Professional has teamed up with a number of experts to produce a special guide called Going Full Circle, aimed at breaking down barriers to operating more sustainably.

It is also giving hospitality businesses the opportunity to win a bespoke ‘Carbon Action Plan’ developed by experts at Zero Carbon Forum, to help companies reach their sustainability targets faster and more efficiently.

The winning organisation will have access to specialist advice and guidance from experts at Zero Carbon Forum to develop a dedicated roadmap to achieving net zero carbon targets.

Calculating a businesses’ carbon footprint can be a minefield for businesses and involves the gathering of emissions data from areas such as operations, logistics and production.

This article from sustainability specialists Eco-Act provides an overview of how a business can calculate their carbon footprint.

The Foodservice Equipment Association, in its previous guise as CESA, launched The Cut Costs and Carbon Calculator with The Carbon Trust.

Details on that can be found HERE.

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  1. Here in lies the issue as stated above “37% of hospitality firms admit they lack knowledge and confidence when it comes to running their businesses in a more sustainable way” This probably representative across all industries. We have “green monitoring systems” on some catering equipment and as I have questioned many times, who collects the data and who shares the data to what end result. Green Example. How will the takeaway industry feel if it is deemed better to to environment to stop shipping container loads of disposable coffee cups half way around the World and pay more to get them produced locally or we all stop buying green beans from the farmers in Kenya who need to make an honest living. Its a fine balance we tread in the UK and yes we can do our “little bit to help” but its common knowledge that the UK only represents about 1% of the World’s carbon emissions. China, India and the USA all need to step up to the plate. Coal will be king in those countries for many years to come.

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