HyGenikx equipment innovation wipes out the bacteria lurking in commercial kitchens

HyGenikx air and surface hygiene system

Mechline’s new revolutionary air and surface hygiene system, HyGenikx, is proven to eradicate bacteria and viruses throughout the foodservice and hospitality environment — helping to improve cleanliness and infection control for customers and staff.

Food safety is one of — if not the biggest — concern within foodservice operations and operators are under pressure to control and implement the highest of hygiene standards.

The problem is, microorganisms that spread infections, compromise hygiene standards, cause food to spoil and create offensive odours multiply very quickly and it is very difficult for traditional cleaning methods to keep pace.

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“In just eight hours, a single bacterial cell can multiply to over eight million, meaning that health risks and odours remain a major problem, with standard room cleaning and disinfecting procedures only offering a temporary solution,” explains Mechline’s marketing manager Kristian Roberts.

“Many foodservice establishments still only use fragrances which attempt to mask odours and do not target the source: the contamination both in the air and on surfaces.”

Designed specifically for foodservice environments, HyGenikx works safely all day and every day, eliminating bacteria and viruses found in the air and on exposed surfaces in a given space, even in the hardest-to-reach places.

The advanced and compact wall-mounted system utilises a combination of the most effective air and surface sterilisation technologies available (dual waveband UV, germicidal irradiation, photocatalytic oxidation) to produce superoxide ions and plasma quattro, which are proven to eradicate harmful bacteria, viruses, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), moulds and fungi, as well as neutralise all odours.

HyGenikx targets and kills biological hazards in the kitchen, including salmonella, escherichia coli (E. coli), norovirus and other primary sources of infections, and has been proven to eliminate harmful Listeria in an independent validation study carried out by ALS Laboratories — the UK’s leading provider of food and drink testing services.

“Another study, again conducted by ALS, was carried out with the purpose of validating the ability of HyGenikx to prolong the shelf life of perishable food stored in a coldroom and improve environmental conditions,” continues Roberts.

“The overall results here showed that HyGenikx increased the shelf life of fresh produce on average by 58.1%, or ~7.5 days (with some produce proving to last as much as 150% longer), improved surface hygiene by ~45% and reduced the overall airborne contamination levels by ~76% during the length of the trial (31 days).”

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