OPINION: Quirky service solutions don’t have to come with a hygiene warning

When it comes to hygiene in the foodservice industry, chain operators ensure that the storage, preparation and cooking of food is carefully handled and managed. But what factors are taken in to consideration when it comes to service and presentation, asks Jennie Knott, managing director of Dalebrook Supplies.

As restaurants, pubs and food outlets have embraced the trend for unconventional, quirky serving solutions in recent years, Dalebrook Supplies has seen an increase in the use of products designed to inspire the consumer. From wooden serving platters to dishing up desserts in champagne flutes, demand for serving equipment with a difference is on the rise.

Alternative serving solutions may look the part, particularly with venues focusing on the popular rustic theme, however they aren’t as practical or durable. Wooden platters, often used to display burgers and cheeses can only be used to serve certain types of food, whilst customers often have issues with their food arriving on wooden boards due to concerns around hygiene.

Vintage enamelware is renowned for its fragility, often cracking and chipping after only being used several times, therefore presenting a hygiene and safety issue for foodservice operators”

We have seen a marked increase in the demand for an alternative to real wood serving solutions. Our Rustic Wood Melamine platters are durable and practical, giving the customer the confidence that their dish is served with complete hygiene and safety in mind. Foodservice operators can also be assured that their products can be thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher, offering them a durable serving solution that can be used again and again.

The use of enamelware has also made a comeback in restaurants and pubs harking back to a more vintage era. This traditional material is renowned for its fragility, often cracking and chipping after only being used several times, therefore presenting a hygiene and safety issue for foodservice operators. The Dalebrook melamine enamelware range presents an alternative solution for any foodservice venue looking to embrace the latest trend in food presentation.

Melamine is a virgin material which is designed for food to be placed on and (unlike wood), it can be cleaned efficiently and passes all food grade testing. This high-quality material means all Dalebrook products are premium, durable and long lasting. They are break, chip and shatter resistant meaning that the product delivers a hygienic serving solution avoiding the issue of any food bacteria gathering on chipped or cracked products.

With alternative melamine products, foodservice operators can guarantee that their dishes are served safely and with complete hygiene in mind. There’s no need to compromise on style and design as our product ranges embrace the latest trends whilst being practical and safe too.”

All melamine products are dishwasher safe, meaning they can be cleaned at high temperatures unlike other food service alternatives like wood or enamel. Melamine is also stain resistant even when used on a daily basis, ensuring food residue does not build up over time.




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