Inamo group insists iPad ordering is not an issue for kitchen operations

Inamo kitchen

Restaurant group Inamo is still able to maintain efficient and effective kitchen operations in spite of iPad ordering systems, which can often place added pressure on chefs and equipment.

The Sushi chain said it has not had to adapt any of its kitchen kit and is able to run a smooth operation, even with guests ordering directly from iPads at will, rather than through a waiter.

The tech-heavy restaurant uses interactive tables and iPad ordering to create a unique dining experience where once a guest orders from the device a ticket is printed at the appropriate chef’s station. There is an inherent risk with this system that the kitchen can be unpredictably flooded with orders and put under additional pressure it would not usually experience.

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CEO Lee Skinner explained: “In a normal restaurant the front-of-house can dictate the pace of what’s being ordered. With us, once a guest is sat they have complete control.”

Similar to the challenge that QSRs first face when introducing self-service kiosks, allowing guests control of order pace is clearly a risk to kitchens, but Inamo has managed to solve this problem with remarkably simple steps.

The group ensures chef training and development is a priority, its mise en place is always ready, its kitchen is highly organised and that its menu works.

According to Skinner, chefs can get most dishes out in around two or three minutes. These protocols have meant that kitchen equipment has not had to be adapted or set up differently at all.

“It’s all off-the-shelf equipment,” said Skinner. “We’ve got normal steamers in there, hot plates, fryers etc. It’s just the process and the menu that we look at. We develop two menus a year and we probably spend about three months on each menu developing it because we want to do a complete overhaul.”

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