Independent online coffee equipment support service launched for operators

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Bibium, an independent review site for commercial coffee machines, has unveiled a new Q&A service aimed at helping the public navigate what coffee machine to buy.

#AskBibium is a free, online Q&A service that can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn. Users can ask experts anything coffee machine-related, from how to secure financing to advice on which machine is right for them, in addition to more technical questions such as how to fix common problems and which cleaning tablets go with which machines.

Wyatt Cavalier, CEO and co-founder of Bibium, said: “Bibium is aiming to disrupt the commercial coffee industry once again as we continually look for new ways to improve customer experience in this marketplace. #AskBibium is going to be the answer to a lot of people’s prayers – a free, independent service that helps users make better decisions or get advice when and if things go wrong.”

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The Bibium team said it had found a gap in the market for helping customers with coffee machines after point of purchase. The company claims to have received hundreds of calls from end-users who previously had no dealings with Bibium, but who were fed up of trying to find help with machinery problems.

It says the completely independent online Q&A tool goes above loyalties to manufacturers.

Mr Cavalier added: “We have a lot of shared expertise in the team and with over 6,000 user reviews of coffee machines collected so far we have a big database of knowledge to draw from. We also have good relationships with all the main suppliers, so the sad truth is that finding a technical answer to a machine question might be easier for us than for a customer.”

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