Induced Energy bangs British drum as it bids for induction glory

Nick Banner, sales director

Induced Energy is flying the flag for British manufacturing at Hotelympia this week, as well as introducing a new series called QX by Induced Energy.

The range allows customers that want to try induction for the first time the opportunity to do so at an affordable price without losing the power and quality that chef’s demand.

Nic Banner, sales director of Induced Energy, told FEJ this morning that the company expects a busy week of pressing the flesh.

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“We have got lots of innovative things to show this week and we are very much promoting the Britishness of Induced Energy,” he explained. “We feel that it’s very important that given the uncertainty of Brexit that we have come here, we have put lots of Union flags out and about and we just want to introduce  people to not only the premier range of Induced Energy but our imported range, which allows people to purchase induction at a much more affordable pirce.

Pricing starts at £950 for the QX-TP flat single zone induction cooker, going up to £1750 for the QX-TPA wok and hob twin induction cooker.

The company insists the equipment, which is sourced externally, meets its requirement for power, durability and controllability, but also reflects the industry’s desire for a cost-friendly alternative.

Mr Banner said: “We have been scouring manufacturers around the globe to find a more cost-effective induction model for the market, but without sacrificing on quality. We are very proud of our company’s reputation within the market, which is why we’ve been so selective and we feel that the QX units definitely fill a gap.

“We will of course still be offering all of the expertly designed, British-made Induced Energy product range to those businesses that are able to put premium quality before price in order to acquire the leading products on the market.”

The company is also be demonstrating its invisible cooking stations and all of the standard Induced Energy range.

Induced Energy is showcasing its products at stand 2061.

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