INNOVATION: Flexeserve unveils a new frontier for quick-serve

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The quick-serve market can capitalise on the hunger for hot food — by venturing into pickup and delivery — made easy with Flexeserve.

We’re eating differently. The markets for food delivery, takeaway and hot food-to-go have seen a steep rise in demand — which has been most rapid this year.

The expectations of hot food have risen too, with consumers expecting higher quality, more choice and more diversity than ever before. This presents opportunities for quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) to explore pick-up and delivery options for their hot food.

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Flexeserve is the market leader in holding packaged hot food, with our patented hot air system. It’s the only option capable of true hot-holding, delivering unrivalled quality and hold times.

We enable a wide range of food outlets across the globe to improve their hot food-to-go offering, reduce waste and create new opportunities for their business.

Having mastered front-of-house — working with the likes of Pret, Greggs and M&S — we’re introducing our hot-holding solutions to new areas of the food industry.

Introducing Flexeserve Hub

Designed for the cultural shift in foodservice, Flexeserve Hub is crafted to handle the rise in demand for hot food delivery, pick-up and takeaway.

Our latest innovation uses our unique hot air recirculation technology, the same found in our industry-leading Flexeserve Zone, to hot-hold large quantities of packaged food products, of any shape or size.

Be a quick-serve disruptor

Reinvent how you prepare takeaway and delivery orders and transform your hot food offer — with Flexeserve Hub.

Give your customers the choice and quality they expect and, perhaps, even take them by surprise.

The capacity, efficiency and flexibility of Flexeserve Hub means that QSR businesses can now stage orders of boxed pizzas, chicken wings, burgers, fries and entire takeaways that serve multiple people — from a small footprint.

With Flexeserve Hub, you can hot-hold all of these — at the same time — and improve your food security too.

You can even prepare scheduled orders and bestsellers ahead of peak times, then keep them fully packaged — which also minimises contact before consumption — at the correct temperature in Flexeserve Hub.

This means that food orders are always ready and hot, reducing wait time for consumers and delivery drivers.

The key to true hot-holding

Our achievements are made possible with our all-encompassing holistic approach — Flexeserve Solution. This comprises five elements that deliver true hot-holding — product, cook method, packaging, in-store service and our unique technology.

In the kitchen

Flexeserve Hub helps you and your team achieve more. A vital element of a ghost kitchen, its high capacity allows you to stage multiple orders and maximise batch cooking. This can reduce the pressure put on your teams at peak service times.

Flexeserve is a brand of The Alan Nuttall Partnership, a market leader in the field of merchandising, with over 50 years’ success in design and manufacture of display solutions. For more information on the Flexeserve Hub call 01455 638300 or visit

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