INNOVATION FOCUS: Alto-Shaam Vector H Series multi-cook oven

Alto-Shaam Vector H Series multi-cook oven

Vector H Series multi-cook ovens are designed to cook twice as much food, up to two-times faster than traditional counterparts, thanks to exclusive Structured Air Technology.

The patented technology enables high velocity, focused heat for fast, even cooking, ensuring high quality output.

Operators can control temperature, fan speed and cook time in up to four independent oven chambers to cook different food items simultaneously with no flavour transfer.

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Designed for any kitchen environment where space is at a premium, Vector H Series Ovens provide much volume and variety of food in the smallest, ventless footprint.

The ovens can also be managed remotely through Alto-Shaam’s cloud-based remote oven management system, ChefLinc.

Equipped with an intuitive dashboard, ChefLinc allows operators to create, manage and distribute recipes to ovens in multiple locations through the cloud.

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