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Hobart research suggests that 55% of tenders now include the requirement for a multifunctional pan.

With the space race in mind, the manufacturer has very recently added two new lines to its Bonnet Precipan range – the multifunctional appliance designed to use 30% less kitchen space with the functionality to manage 80% of menus.

The new Precipan lines – a 100L and 150L version, respectively – can be incorporated into a compact cooking suite and allow chefs to perform up to nine different functions including grilling, braising, sauté, pan frying, steaming, smoking, boiling and simmering.

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The new larger capacity lines join single 18L or 2x18L options, offering kitchens a four-strong range of options, depending on space and size of operation.

The larger Precipan models benefit from touchscreen technology – a simplified user interface, allowing total control over multiple cooking times – and means chefs can cater for up to 500 diners at a time.

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