INNOVATION FOCUS: Clifton Food Range Duobath sous vide water baths

Duobath sous vide water baths

The Clifton Food Range sous vide Duobaths are made of two unstirred water bath chambers in one countertop unit.

This set-up allows both water bath chambers to be used simultaneously at two different temperatures and with two different liquids.

The Duobaths are also available in compact style with the controls placed on the narrow end so that the whole unit can be run from ‘front to back’ on the countertop.

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The sous vide water bath includes a drain tap for quick and easy emptying for cleaning. Thanks to its precision controller, users should have the exact temperature they need and are able to set a timer for best time management.

The Duobath range comes in 8 + 8 litre and 14 + 14 litre capacities as unstirred baths and in 8 + 8 litre and 28 + 28 litre capacities as compact baths.

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