INNOVATION FOCUS: Clifton Food Range single chamber sous vide water baths

Clifton Food Range single chamber sous vide water baths

Sous vide water baths allow restaurants to prepare food overnight, using low-cost energy consumption, and by only regenerating the food that is ordered, hence reducing food wastage.

Thanks to the water baths’ precision controller, chefs should have the exact temperature they need and be able to set a timer for best time management.

Made of stainless steel, the water baths are available in various capacities depending on whether they are stirred (a heater unit sits at one end of a tank) or unstirred (water is heated evenly throughout the chamber by convection).

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The smaller capacity water baths of 8 or 14 litres are popular with smaller professional kitchens, whilst the bigger capacity baths of 28 or 56 litres are used to prepare larger quantities of food portions, for subsequent chilling and storage.

Clifton Food Range sous vide water baths include a drain tap for quick and easy emptying for cleaning.

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