INNOVATION FOCUS: CookTek induction twin range

CookTek induction twin range

CookTek has a huge range of induction hobs, supplied to the UK via MCS Technical Products.

There are three different styles: countertop, drop-in, landscape and portrait. All of these are available in three different power ratings.

CookTek induction systems are designed to be 94% efficient, meaning 94% of the energy consumed is delivered to the pan.

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This is unmatched by gas (typically 35%) or traditional electric cooking devices (typically 50%).

As a result, CookTek induction units use less fuel and save energy.

The supplier’s popular Heritage units have 22 temperature settings and 20 power cook settings displayed on a clear LED display.

The Apogee range offers enhancements such as finer resolution control 0-100 settings, touch sensitive controls, with keypad lock, and a digital timer.

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