INNOVATION FOCUS: Cuppone Tiziano self-venting hood

Cuppone Tiziano self-venting hood

Developed by LLK to suit the best-selling Cuppone Tiziano ovens, the new self-venting hoods are designed for those kitchens where ventilation is a challenge.

When cooking a stone-baked pizza, there is always going to be flour, toppings, and cheese that fall off the pizza and onto the stone, producing smoke and smells: this hood is designed to catch these.

With a HEPA and carbon filtration system, the hood filters the dirty air and puts the clean air right back into the kitchen.

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Featuring a smart system that recognises when filters require checking or changing, this kit runs off a 13A plug and can be retrofitted to existing sites that already have one of the Cuppone Tiziano ovens.

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