INNOVATION FOCUS: Henny Penny Evolution Elite reduced oil volume open fryer

Evolution Elite reduced oil volume open fryer

The Henny Penny Evolution Elite series of open fryers takes consistency and efficiency to the next level.

Utilising Henny Penny’s innovative reduced oil capacity technology helps to reduce the amount of oil consumed by as much as 40%, and also extends the life of the oil.

This ensures operators can cook efficiently and keep their costs down, but remain safe in the knowledge that the quality of their food isn’t affected.

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The Henny Penny Evolution Elite fryer also has a built-in, sensor-activated Oil Guardian which monitors the oil level, automatically replenishing from an oil reservoir inside the fryer cabinet, ensuring chefs are always cooking in the right amount of oil.

Smart Touch Filtration improves oil savings, product quality and employee productivity by filtering individual vats at the touch of a button, while allowing other vats to cook uninterrupted.

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