INNOVATION FOCUS: Meiko entry level UPster range

UPster H500 dishwasher

What used to be Meiko’s premium series of undercounter and hood machines, the UPster range, with its world-class build quality and features, is now being offered as their entry level range, with M-iClean taking the lead as their premium series.

The new UPster range has ‘AktivPlus’ fine filtration, and wash tank water is filtered several times. Blue colour-coded components on all except the UPster 400 glasswasher should make cleaning easy.

A new suction screen with integrated dirt collection trough protects the circulation pump. A ‘toothpick trap’ protects the drainage pump.

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New for this year is the UPster H 500 pass-through dishwasher with optional space-saving AktivClean integrated water softening and heat recovery.

This should eliminate hard water damage and downtime, with just a refill of the salt required. Operators run the machine as water regenerates and gain a less steamy atmosphere.

The range also includes undercounter 400 x 400 and 500 x 500 glasswashers and a 500 x 500 dishwasher.

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