MKN SpaceCombi Team

With two separate cooking chambers, with 2 x 6 GN 1/1 inserts each, the MKN SpaceCombi Team leaves operators in complete control of their menus – and at just 55cm wide, space is maximised in the kitchen.

Each chamber is individual – while one chamber is steaming, the other can be baking, ensuring maximum efficiency at all times.

Two robust, true colour MagicPilot touchscreens are as simple and intuitive to use as a smartphone and provide access to a variety of features.

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Guided Cooking supports the user throughout the entire process while ensuring consistent quality, whilst Quality Control ensures perfect results every time regardless of the load quantity.

All the technology of the SpaceCombi Team is in a drawer, so the installation and maintenance process is easy.

An optional integrated hood means cooking is no longer limited to locations with a ventilation system.

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