Innovation Showcase shines spotlight on new kit at FEJ’s stand

FEJ Innovation Showcase at Commercial Kitchen 2019

Innovation is important for every foodservice operator, which means that uncovering new kit that can add value in different areas of the kitchen is an ongoing mission.

At the Commercial Kitchen show, FEJ’s stand (C51 next to Keynote Theatre 2) is hosting three cutting-edge products that feature at this year’s exhibition.

Pop along to take a look or for more information.

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Microsave Cavity Linger

The Microsave Cavity Liner from Regale delivers heavy duty protection for commercial microwaves by saving on cleaning and downtime, which in turn reduces damage to ceiling plates, base plates and lens light covers.

In order to improve the new ‘wave’ design, Regale had to re-invent the method of production — a process so unique that the British Patent office awarded it with a new patent which has now been registered worldwide.

Regale started this development back in September 2018 and is currently preparing to ramp up production after its investment in new tooling to manufacture the design.

It is even set to begin local production in the USA for the North American and Mexican markets, adding to its export coverage. The end-result is that the entire range of Microsave Cavity Liners features the new wave design base.

The Microsave range incorporates the Sharp CPS1A for models R22AT, R23AM and R24AT, while the Panasonic CPS2A covers models NE1843/NE1853, the CPS3A for the new NE1878. The Samsung heavy duty range uses the CPS4A, and the Daewoo CPS6A covers the 1500W and 1850watt 50hertz models and the KOM9F85 marine 60hertz model.

The Microsave is placed inside the microwave oven cavity so that any food splatter is contained within the liner. All the operator needs to do is remove it at the end of or in between services, wash and replace to the microwave, saving on cleaning time, cross-contamination and unnecessary repairs. For more information on the Microsave cavity liner, visit stand G29.

CK Direct Recirculation Unit

This free-standing, self-contained recirculation unit from CK Direct is designed to accommodate multiple pieces of electrical equipment with no ducting to atmosphere required.

Quick and simple to install, the CK ReCirc uses a four-stage filtration process to remove grease, smoke, fine particulate and odours with air movement up to 2.5m3 per second.

CK Direct have put the unit through rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards for operators and ticks every box.

Certified by an independent ISO 17025 UKAS accredited testing lab and complying with DW172 & BESA regulations, the CK ReCirc is a fully approved alternative to high level kitchen extract, in line with HSE, including HSG173 Monitoring strategies for toxic substances.

The unit has also had Environmental and Occupational Hygiene testing and is said to reduce fire risk, all key factors in making it one of only two units on the market that have been accepted by Westminster City Council.

The CK ReCirc is being launched on the CK Direct stand at Commercial Kitchen Show stand no B11.

Hallde CC-34 Combi Cutter

Hallde’s CC-34 Combi Cutter is the perfect compromise for the smaller kitchen. The CC-34 is both vegetable preparation machine and vertical cutter in one machine.

It is small and compact and easy to put away and take out when you need it. The Hallde CC-34 slices, dices, shreds, grates, cuts julienne and waffles vegetables, fruit, dry bread, cheese, nuts and mushrooms.

It will also chop and grind meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts. In addition, it can be used for blending, as well as mixing sauces, soups and dressings. It will prepare produce at up to 2 kg/minute.

• Low weight and handles for easy mobility
• The vertical cutting attachments can chop and grind meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc.
• Robustly built in ABS-plastic with an ergonomic user-friendly design
• 4 speeds and pulse function
• Patented three arm scraper system
• Easy to clean – all loose parts and the cutting tools can be washed in a dishwasher
• Cutting tools are made in stainless steel and can cut soft and hard products in any shape and size.

The Hallde CC-34 is suitable for just about any food operation you can think of – restaurants, cafés, bakeries, care homes, schools, hotels, fast food outlets, day care centres, salad bars, and more. Visit stand D11 for more information about the product.

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