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It can be easy to forget how important refrigeration is to a foodservice business until something goes drastically wrong, but savvy operators are realising that taking the time to make a considered choice can pay off in more ways than one, writes Rebecca Vincent, UK sales director at Foster and Gamko… 

When the shutters came down on many outlets in March of last year, mountains of fresh produce, milk, fish and meat went to waste and the cost to the industry and the environment was huge.

As we slowly return to normality, the loss of so much food is a timely reminder of the importance of quality refrigeration, the unsung hero of the commercial kitchen.

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Outlets that fail to invest in the right equipment, could find themselves in the same wasteful and expensive situation again. Thankfully, this is largely avoidable.

For years, refrigeration was seen as a ‘one size fits all’ industry and was simply a necessary piece of equipment.

However, through technological innovations and a growing focus on energy saving and running costs, refrigeration has evolved to offer tangible benefits to a professional kitchen in terms of ergonomics, performance and environmental factors, becoming a genuine investment for an outlet. These are all benefits operators need to consider now more than ever.

Aside from a select few such as takeaways that have prospered, many in the out-of-home sector are struggling to recover from the pandemic meaning there’s a temptation to avoid investing in new kitchen equipment.

But, continuing to rely on old and inefficient refrigerators or freezers, that are at risk of failure is a false economy.

When I’m told by an operator that they can’t afford new equipment, I encourage them to be astute and look at the lifetime cost of their equipment rather than simply the initial investment.

Are you likely to spend more on call out charges or need replacement parts more often? What does this equipment downtime cost you in food waste? What energy costs will the equipment incur in its lifetime?

Drawing a parallel with a car, there comes a point when a fridge simply doesn’t perform well enough to pass its MOT!

By taking these things into consideration operators will be better able to choose a product that will enhance kitchen efficiency and ultimately, profitability.

Our EcoPro G2 range has been designed using pioneering technology to be our most energy efficient yet, incorporating self-closing doors as standard to maintain a constant temperature, and a +stayclear condenser featuring an ‘Aerofoil tube’ design to allow greater airflow, reducing maintenance costs significantly.

The range also features high performance Cyclopentane foam, extra wall thickness and energy saving hot gas vaporisation and defrost, which utilises waste heat from the refrigeration system.

All these processes contribute to the overall energy saving aspects of the G2 range and help make your money go further. What business wouldn’t want that?

Alongside a top-quality product, I also recommend buyers consider premium aftercare. You need to be able to trust your supplier to continue to offer support for the life of the product.

By having your refrigeration equipment serviced every year, you’ll be benefitting from the pioneering technology and expertise the unit was developed with.

One final thought. There’s never been a better time to invest in new catering equipment, thanks to the recently introduced super-deduction tax break.

Designed to spur business investment, boost the UK’s post-pandemic economic recovery and improve the country’s productivity levels, businesses get 130% first-year relief on qualifying main rate plant and machinery investments made during this period.

When combined with attractive interest-free credit you really can afford to invest in the peace of mind that your refrigeration is fit for purpose. Our offer allows you to pay for your equipment over 12, 18 or 24 months, all while its working for you – with a three month payment holiday!

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