INSIDE TRACK: With quality warewashing systems, you don’t just buy a product in a box


Operators should have no qualms expecting product development, training, customer service and support to all come as part of the package, writes Paul Anderson, managing director of warewashing equipment manufacturer Meiko.

When considering the purchase of a new glass or dishwasher in the hospitality sector, two key factors often come into play: price and quality.

Although warewashing is seen to be a crucial part of the business, all too often it can be seen as a necessary evil, so more emphasis is sometimes placed on price rather than quality.

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But are times changing?

The Covid-19 pandemic has concentrated our minds on the core issues, not only of hygiene, but also the quality of the service we are receiving from our suppliers – who is looking after us in our hour of need?

Quality does not just come in a box

In the coming months, diners will look at a pub, restaurant, or hotel in a different way, asking themselves… “is this a safe place to eat?” When you have a quality product, as a manufacturer, you have a duty of care to already be looking at this for your customers, as part of the service.

In Meiko’s case, we went to an outside independent specialist, to prove, without a doubt, that our machines kill the virus. Meiko can provide customers with a certificate to say that our dish and glasswashers provide a high temperature wash and rinse sufficient to kill the coronavirus and food poisoning bacteria, providing the reassurance that is needed by diners at this time of great uncertainty.

Customers are realising, with quality you don’t just buy a product in a box; you are buying into a service – in this case a dedicated warewashing service and support organisation.

Anticipating and addressing the important needs of the customer

With quality, you know you are also getting reliability, ergonomics, sustainability and efficiency.

A great product involves the manufacturer’s investment in training and knowledge, its culture of care and support and the dedication of the staff.

For over 90 years, Meiko has had this at the forefront of what we do, to the extent that many of our awards come for service and development, including our latest award from ‘Top-Hotel’ magazine, a Silver Star, awarded not for an individual product, but for Meiko’s ‘ergonomics.’

But does quality only come at a price?

The answer is no, quality in terms of product development, training, customer service and support should come as an essential part of the package. Quality is a matter of the manufacturer doing its very best, never becoming complacent, caring and putting the customer first.

In terms of products, Meiko is constantly evolving and developing, meaning the best parts and technology are integral to all our products, ensuring the highest quality at all price points.

The new Meiko UPster series, of entry level under counter and hood machine, for example, has evolved from what used to be Meiko’s ‘Premium’ range, so the heritage of our new line includes decades of proven component reliability.

The issue of hygiene, now more than ever, is critical when purchasing a dishwasher, as are the issues of quality and the package itself, not just the price.

To get this package right, we need more than just reliable machinery; we also need the sound judgement of experienced professionals, ensuring reliable, economical and ergonomically sound processes in the dishwashing area.

So, as far as I’m concerned, customers should be striving for the very best quality, not just in terms of the product, but also the service. And as with the new UPster series, it doesn’t have to break the bank!

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