Is this the safest stand at HRC?

Mechline stand, HRC 2020

When Mechline launched its HyGenikx hygiene amplification system at the back end of last year, nobody could have guessed just how ‘of the moment’ its first airing at a UK trade show would be.

With the current COVID-19 situation among the biggest talking points during the first day of HRC yesterday, the manufacturer’s unveiling of a system that eradicates harmful bacteria and viruses from foodservice and hospitality environments was timely to say the least.

Mechline has a working version of the wall-mounted unit on its stand, giving visitors a chance to find out how it utilises a combination of air and surface sterilisation technologies to kill biological hazards in the kitchen.

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There are three different models in the range – covering a radius of 10, 20 and 30 square metres respectively – with prices starting from £280.

Kristian Roberts, marketing manager at Mechline, said that dirty air collected in the unit is cleaned and neutralised, giving off a positive charge that lands on surfaces and kills anything harmful.

“It sterilises surfaces containing any bacteria – so if there are members of staff bringing viruses in, they may sneeze or cough and that goes onto surfaces, this works constantly to neutralise and purify the surface and the air.”

Mr Roberts stressed that HyGenikx was not designed to directly replace normal kitchen cleaning regimes, but to complement existing procedures by providing round-the-clock hygiene and safety protection.

So, what about the answer to the question that most visitors to its stand will inevitably ask: does it protect against coronavirus?

Product and technical director, Nick Falco, has the official line on that one: “Coronaviruses can be spread through the air (viral particles from cough or sneeze) and on surfaces with viral particles infecting hands which then touch the mouth, nose or eyes.

“Obviously, we cannot categorically state HyGenikx would remove this specific coronavirus as there is not sufficient detail freely available – however our technology has been tested against similar virus’ in the same family, along with a wide variety of harder to kill microorganisms outside of the human body. All varieties tested have been reduced or eliminated.”

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