Jamie’s Italian shreds kitchen paperwork and puts the focus on cooking

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Jamie’s Italian might be going through a turbulent time at the moment as it restructures its UK store estate, but that hasn’t stopped it from investing in technology to optimise its kitchens.

The chain is bidding to replace paper checklists and forms by digitising its operational process in a  move to boost productivity and efficiency.

It will begin installing Checkit’s Real-Time Operations Management Platform, which will arm its kitchen and restaurant staff with a series of apps that automatically capture data securely store it in the cloud.

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Data is then available for inspections and audits and is used to create interactive dashboards that give managers a clear view of performance across the group in a way that would be unimaginable with a paper-based management system.

Jamie’s Italian will be deploying it to digitise key processes operated by restaurant staff, including food safety.

Team members will be prompted when checks are due and will capture responses directly onto robust touch-screen devices, using wireless probes to capture temperature readings as required.

Where follow up actions are required, staff will be prompted as appropriate, and issues requiring management attention will be escalated automatically. Regional and national managers will then be able to review and respond to process issues wherever they happen to be.

“As we reviewed our operations we realised that we – like much of the industry – were still running key processes in our restaurants using paper,” explained Ed Loftus, group F&B director at Jamie’s Italian. “As we move the business forward, we want to free up our staff to focus on cooking great food and focusing on customers. At the same time we need to ensure that all our sites operate to the highest of standards.”

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