JD Wetherspoon tells other operators they can display its anti-lockdown posters

JD Wetherspoon anti-lockdown poster

JD Wetherspoon has told other hospitality operators they are welcome to display a series of posters it has produced giving an alternative view to the government over Covid-19 and lockdown.  

The posters feature articles by eminent doctors, scientists and lawyers published in the latest edition of its internal newspaper.

Wetherspoon chairman, Tim Martin, said: “The articles detail how the government is messing up the economy and also the health of the nation.

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“We were approached by a restaurant owner in Tonbridge asking if he could display them in his restaurant and were happy for him to do so.

“We are now extending the opportunity to all hospitality operators who wish to download the posters from our website and make it available to their customers.”

Two of the posters do not mention Wetherspoon by name.

Mr Martin added: “More than 800,000 jobs have been lost so far, many in hospitality, so it’s vital for political folly to be highlighted.”

Mr Martin has been a fierce critic of the government’s handling of the pandemic and the “draconian” measures imposed upon the sector.

At the end of the recent national lockdown, when a more stringent tier system was introduced, he lamented the constant changing of regulations.

“The disturbing evidence from the ‘frontline’ is that the constant changes are putting enormous and unfair pressure on pub managers and staff – these are the people who have to implement the rules and explain them to customers.

“Many report that sensible explanations are impossible, because the rules are so contradictory and absurd, especially in view of expenditure of tens of millions of pounds on Covid-19 safety measures by the industry.

“Two statistics stand out. One is that lockdowns simply don’t work, as most medics and scientists know. For example, Peru locked down in military style, but has had a higher mortality rate than Brazil, which didn’t lock down. Sweden hasn’t locked down and has a lower mortality rate than England, which has locked down twice.

“The second astonishing statistic is that the overall mortality rate in the UK this year, from all causes, is no higher than four years of the last 20, yet we did not lock down then, nor was it ever proposed.”

The posters can be downloaded HERE.

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Andrew Seymour

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  1. I agree that the response of imposing a lockdown is well over the top. Just look at the maths, if there are 15000 testing positive out of circa 300000 tests that equates to 95% testing negative. Such draconian measures with such a low infection rate are hard to justify

  2. Pub operators should focus on their business and leave the health regulations to qualified people. Exponential spreading of Covid is the danger that requires the lockdown. Remember the biblical story of the chessboard with the grain? take a chess board put a single grain on square one two on square 2; 4 on square 3; 8 on square 4 and so on, by the time you get to 64 there won’t be enough grain in the country to fill it. The low death rate is because Covid patients have been able to go to hospital, Once hospitals are full the death rate will shoot up as well. Dying of Covid is an awful way to die. We should be proud to live in a country where we care enough about eachother not to let Covid rip through our society unchecked

  3. It says “Sweden hasn’t locked down and has a lower mortality rate than England, which has locked down twice.” But although Sweden did not enforce a legal lockdown, they DID close secondary schools and Universities, and a large proportion of the people observed lockdown conditions voluntarily.
    They also had limits on meetings and events, so it is incorrect to say that they didn’t lock down.

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