Josper does the double with bespoke dual cooking appliance for UK operators

Josper Combo HJX enclosed oven and Basque open grill

Josper is offering UK operators the chance to buy a bespoke kitchen unit that combines enclosed oven technology with the raw speed and heat of open charcoal cooking.

Intended to significantly enhance the versatility of solid fuel cooking in a commercial kitchen, the Combo features a traditional HJX enclosed oven and the latest Josper Basque open grill, side by side.

Positioned on top of a high-grade, bespoke stainless-steel frame, the combo gives a chef complete flexibility when cooking with charcoal, according to the company.

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Operators can work with Jestic Foodservice Equipment, the exclusive Josper distributor in the UK, to create a bespoke Combo that best suits their kitchen.

Choosing fom a combination of a HJX 25, 45 or 50 oven (small, medium or large) and a Basque Grill with a choice of one or two grill racks, chefs can opt for a versatile appliance with the capacity to cater for up to 200 people per hour.

With an average heat up time of just 20 minutes, the Basque Grill brings all the passion of barbecue cooking into the kitchen environment.

Featuring a single or double grill with independent, manually controlled height settings, the Basque enables a chef to achieve precision cooking over the charcoal bed. Positioned alongside, the HJX oven gives the same smoky tastes, texture, and aroma from the charcoal cooking process, but in an enclosed chamber.

The sealed chamber allows a consistent operating temperature of up to 400°C, whilst retaining the moisture in even the most delicate of items.

Steve Morris, sales director at Jestic, said: “The Josper Combo puts all of the joys of charcoal cooking into one appliance. Chefs will relish the opportunity to cook with precision on open charcoal, while also appreciating the consistent temperature merged with the remarkable control that is achievable in the enclosed oven.

“Thanks to the quality craftsmanship and superior materials used in manufacturing a Josper oven, the Combo is equally well placed in an open plan kitchen as it is back of house. Able to engage and fascinate diners, charcoal cooking not only delivers exceptional taste and flavour, but captivates chefs and paying guests alike.”

The Josper Combo has a standard depth of 900mm and a length dependant on the specifications of each unit, ensuring it fits effortlessly into an existing cookline.

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