Kellogg’s launches menu through Deliveroo’s delivery-only kitchens


Cereal maker Kellogg’s has launched its own delivery-only meal service through Deliveroo’s dark kitchens as it seeks to diversify its business.

The company has set up ‘Kellogg’s Kitchen Creations’ in East London on a six-month trial and will launch in Manchester city centre later this year, with a view to rolling out to further sites in 2020.

The menu includes meals based on Kellogg’s cereals, including Coco Pop Bubble Crepes, Crunchy Nut Shake and Nutri-Grain Cheese Cake Bar.

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“In our 97-year history of selling food in the UK, this will be the first Kellogg’s kitchen delivering meals inspired by our cereal and snacks directly to people in their homes,” said Ben Ellis, manager of Kellogg’s Kitchen Creations. “We’re excited to see how people react to the food we are offering and if it’s something we can continue to do in other parts of the UK in the future.”

Kellogg’s will make use of Deliveroo Editions – the firm’s off-site kitchen network.

Deliveroo said the move fitted with its ambitions to bringing new food options to local areas, increasing choice for consumers and extending revenue options for brands.

It already plays host to a number of well-known restaurants who have recently moved into the delivery-only sites.

This includes Wagamama and Chipotle in Battersea and Honest Burger in Swiss Cottage (London).

These chains previously didn’t cater for residents in these areas, but Editions gives them the opportunity to reach new customers and boost their sales without the significant costs of setting up a bricks and mortar site.

Yannis Alivizatos, general manager of Deliveroo Editions, said: “We’re really excited that major brands such as Kellogg’s are recognising the value of Deliveroo Editions. Our delivery-only kitchens will help them test new menus, reach more customers and grow their business. Deliveroo is proud to lead on innovation in food delivery to champion our restaurant partners and drive their growth.”

Kellogg’s is one of a growing number of brands to use Editions to innovate and test new concepts and offerings.

Motu – which serves Indian food out of four Editions sites – is a virtual brand from Michelin starred JKS restaurant. It has proven such a success that the brand is due to open in its fifth Editions site in just over two years.

Deliveroo has 16 sites in the UK, with over 40 partners in total operating out of more than 100 kitchens.

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