KFC drawn into ‘food poisoning’ lawsuit involving TV magician Dynamo

Dynamo magician

A KFC franchisee has mounted a staunch defence of its kitchen management and food safety processes after being thrust into a legal battle with TV magician Dynamo.

The 37-year-old television star, whose real name is Stephen Frayne, is suing Alim Investments for more than £200,000 in damages after claiming he suffered food poisoning from food he bought from its Belsize Park branch.

He says he was taken ill after ordering an £8.47 ‘Boneless Banquet’ meal from the outlet, suggesting uncooked chicken was the source of the problem.

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But the firm insists its food safety procedures did not fall short of standards.

According to the Evening Standard, barrister Howard Stevens QC said in a written defence at the High Court that Alim denies “the meal was not of satisfactory quality” and will fight the claims that the chicken was “defective” or “unfit for safe human consumption”.

He said the franchisee received a five-star hygiene rating in 2016, its chicken is supplied in frozen form, and there are established processes for safely handling the food.

The report said Alim may claim the magician’s loss of earnings were “caused by his own negligence, bearing in mind that he is understood regularly to have eaten food from the restaurant and that it is well-known that fried food  can exacerbate Crohn’s disease”, which Mr Frayne suffers from.

Dynamo’s personal injury claim and Alim’s defence are now lodged at the court but the case has not yet been before a judge.

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