Kisag reassures trade over product safety after tragic cream whipper death

Catering equipment supplier Eddingtons has issued a statement offering reassurance to the trade over the quality of its professional cream whippers after a lady tragically died when an alternative product from another brand exploded.

33-year-old French lifestyle blogger Rebecca Burger reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest when a whipped cream dispenser she was using malfunctioned and struck her chest. The gadget works by injecting gas into a metal canister to pressurise the contents.

Eddingtons has supplied thousands of Kisag professional cream whippers to the UK market in recent years but business development manager, Richard Gilbert, said a “low-cost Chinese-made cream whipper” was to blame in this case.

“We must stress that no Kisag products were involved in the accident,” he said. “As the worldwide market leader, [manufacturer] iSi fulfills the highest level of quality. All Kisag brand products are subject to the strictest safety and quality requirements and are audited by independent accredited institutes.”

Mr Gilbert said that Kisag Whippers could be identified by the brand name, iSi or Kisag, prominently indicated on the bottom of the bottle and the whipper head. kibulb50+KICREAML

He added that some media outlets had run an example picture that might have suggested a Kisag or iSi Whipper was involved in the incident, but this was not the case.

“The product that was involved with this incident was from Ard’time, a French supplier. Per their website, the item was recalled in February 2013,” he said. “Moreover, this incident highlights the dangers of buying cheap, inferior products. Unfortunately, the lady involved in this incident has paid the ultimate price.”

On its website, Ard’time said it was “aware” of a recent accident involving a discontinued product and expressed its “regret”.

The company issued a recall notice on the product four years ago (main image) and immediately stopped the marketing and sale of the equipment after a safety defect was identified. It claims to have personally notified more than 100,000 customers about the recall and set up a dedicated website to manage the process.

It also said it was “not the only company” with concerns over whipper head safety defects and had even aired television commercials across national TV channels in France to raise awareness of the situation.

Additionally, Ard’time set up a system to monitor sites selling used products and has ordered anybody advertising the affected siphons to remove them from sale. “Unfortunately, there are still a lot of HDPE head traps, all brands combined, which remain potentially dangerous over time and our fight is everyday to alert the users,” it stated.




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