Kitchen cops £1,000 fine for serving food four minutes after 10pm curfew


A takeaway in East London has copped a £1,000 fine for serving food to a customer four minutes after the Covid-19 curfew.

Bim’s burger restaurant in Ilford was given the fine after a Covid-19 enforcement team saw a customer standing inside waiting for his takeaway meal on Thursday, according to Sky News.

Redbridge Police said they looked at his receipt and it stated that he was served at ‘10pm on the dot’. But they said the staff did not give him his food until 10.04pm so a fine was issued because the curfew is 10pm.

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The owners of Bim’s said their staff “unknowingly breached” the curfew and had begun processing the order before 10pm.

“Our staff were under the impression that if an order was placed by 10pm it could still be served,” they said in a statement. “The food took less than four minutes to arrive and he left at 10.04 pm.

“Our staff were then shocked to be informed that they had breached the new laws by a matter of four minutes. New rules regarding Covid-19 are being made thick and fast and sometimes it isn’t clear exactly how they should be interpreted.”

The owners said they would not be complaining to police and will take “greater care in future” to abide by the law.

Sky News said that Redbridge, where Ilford is, has the highest rate of infection out of all 28 London boroughs.

It reported that three other local takeaway businesses were fined £1,000 last week as the enforcement team patrolled the area.

Fireaway Pizza was fined after police found two customers not wearing masks and waiting on the premises at 10.20pm, having just placed an order, while Spice on Ilford High Street was fined “for subsequent breaches”.

On Friday, Eyva Turkish Grill and Meze Bar was fined for serving food at 10.45pm.

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