Kitchen equipment driving reverse staging trend among US operators tipped to catch on in UK

Winston CVap

Reverse staging might not be a concept that every operator is au fait with, but if US foodservice trends are anything to go by then it won’t be long before the practice becomes more commonly adopted in UK kitchens.

The US has long been a bellwether for UK foodservice trends, with many cooking concepts, brands and franchises originating there before finding their way to the UK.

And according to Jestic, which exclusively imports a number of leading catering equipment brands from the US, reverse staging could be the next area that takes off within the coming year or two.

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It supplies the Winston CVap series of holding, cook/hold and retherm ovens, and technology within that range is widely used for reverse staging by a variety of US operators to improve food quality and speed of service.

“Designed to slowly cook even the most delicate food items using precise temperature and humidity settings, and then holding at the optimum state until ready to serve, the operator simply needs to finish the food on a hot grill or pan to create the perfect look and taste before serving,” explained Jestic sales director Steve Morris.

“Significantly reducing wastage, food shrinkage and able to achieve a fantastic texture by retaining the moisture in meat and fish in the shortest time, we are witnessing a significant growth in enquiries for this particular kitchen innovation.”

Mr Morris added that the CVap range undoubtedly fits into the “innovation” bracket due to its ability to deliver better, more consistent results.

“We believe that innovation is not just about something being ‘new’ but something that is able to perform a task or a role in a different, improved way. This might be equipment that is easier to operate or more consistent, leading to labour savings, or equipment that significantly reduces energy consumption, benefiting the operator through reduced running costs and reducing the demand on the environment at the same time,” he said.

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