Kitchen house to audit catering equipment suppliers on how green they are

A leading kitchen design house that is bidding to become greener in the way it works plans to start auditing suppliers on the sustainability of their activities.

ABDA Creative Design & Build, based in Northamptonshire, has launched its environmental sustainability strategy by issuing a supplier questionnaire that it believes will enhance catering equipment and design-led procurement.

The company is taking steps to review supplier sustainability credentials, developing the questionnaire to cover manufacturing processes, recycling and shipping, as well as supply chain management and overall environment vision.

Gary Mackness, ABDA Design’s project director, explained: “The supplier audit will be a starting point for ABDA Design, helping us to manage the environmental impacts of our operations. A key part of this is gaining an understanding of our supplier’s environmental strategies and commitments for the future.”

The questionnaire launches alongside a year-long programme of sustainable-led education for the design team at ABDA Design, which began with a one-day BREEAM training session in January.

The course, which is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method, focused on a holistic approach to projects, encompassing all aspects of the design and build process, with attention placed on encouraging original thinking around sustainability, complementing the firm’s ethos as a creative-led business.

 ABDA Design will also be supporting its designers’ professional development by arranging sustainable-led workshops with suppliers such as Unox, Meiko and Frima.

The company said its environmental sustainability questionnaire will be rolled out to suppliers in early July 2018.




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