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There is one vital theme when it comes to serving food in coffee shop and cafe operations: speed. But to achieve this you’ve got to have the optimal back-of-house set-up and equipment that can be relied upon during busy periods. FEJ highlights some key pieces of kit that are perfectly suited to a multi-site coffee shop or cafe-style operation.

Merrychef eikon e1s high-speed oven

For a coffee shop or cafe that is looking to add a selection of hot snacks and meals to the menu for the very first time, an entry-level high-speed oven such as a Merrychef eikon e1s opens up a world of new food opportunities thanks to its combination of convection, tuned impingement and microwave technologies.

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The eikon e1s is extremely simple to operate, featuring easyTouch technology that allows staff of any skill level to produce professional food results by selecting an icon without the need for excessive training.

The eikon e1s fits onto a standard 500mm deep countertop, and works off a 13 amp three-pin plug with zero requirement for additional extraction. Plus, with a standby noise level of just 52dBA, and low power consumption of less than 0.7 kwh, cafe and coffee shop operators are guaranteed an unobtrusive and energy efficient operation.

Maintenance need-to-know

Merrychef ovens are some of the easiest-to-clean high-speed ovens available to the market. In fact, with a simple wipe down of the unit’s filter, exterior and interior stainless steel surfaces, operating screen, and removable cooking plates, coffee shops will have ticked off their list of daily cleaning to-dos. For further ease of cleaning, Merrychef provides its own cleaning and protector products, as well as access to a library of video tutorials.

XpressChef high-speed ovens

The XpressChef range of high-speed ovens from ACP is trusted by coffee shops and cafes around the world to deliver high quality food, in a fraction of the time, and is available in a variety of footprints, capacities and cooking technologies.

All three variants, the 2C, 3i and the 4i, have the power and performance to rapidly cook a variety of menu items to a consistently high standard. Efficiency and speed are complemented by ease of use with simplified menu management and controls which can be used by staff of any skill level.

Speed of service is vital during peak trading times and this is where the ventless XpressChef 3i, in particular, comes into its own. Available with an impressive 4000 or 5000 watts of power, the combination of three cooking technologies — impingement, convection and microwave — makes production easy whether toasting, grilling, baking or steaming. The XpressChef range is distributed through Jestic in the UK.

Maintenance need-to-know

A quick cool-down feature on the XpressChef 3i allows for a speedy end-of-day clean-up, while gasket-free door seals also make life easier. The 3i incorporates three cleanable air filters with an automated reminder so cleaning doesn’t go unmissed. Two-sided non-stick oven liners are available to keep the oven clean during the working day.

Panasonic Speed Convection Oven

When space is limited and speed is at the core of your offer, Panasonic’s Speed Convection Oven (SCV2) provides an ideal solution. It can be located back or front of house without the need for extraction, thanks to its catalytic converter, and has two inverters, cooled by four fans.

It comes with a full accessory kit that includes a ceramic base tray, wire rack, ceramic plate, non-stick basket and a pizza paddle. The oven can store up to 1,000 cooking programmes, with images, on a removable SD card, all of which is accessible via an easy-to-navigate, touchscreen control panel.

The oven also benefits from an easy-access, front-mounted filter, operates at a temperature range of 180°C to 280°C and sports compact dimensions of just 474mm (W) x 565mm (D) x 412mm (H). The SCV2 has a space-efficient footprint, can be located anywhere and, importantly for some operators, it is stackable.

Maintenance need-to-know

Whichever oven you choose, it needs looking after and you can help avoid the inconvenience, disruption and expense of a breakdown by employing a regular cleaning regime. Certain recurring breakdowns are preventable and penetration by grease into working parts will not be covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee. A simple routine at the end of every service will help ensure the oven’s reliability. Filters and ceiling plates should be removed daily and washed.

KitchenAid heavy duty stand mixer

For coffee shops looking to make the most out of their kitchen space as well as their budget, the KitchenAid heavy duty stand mixer takes up minimal surface space and guarantees rapid and thorough mixing of even the heaviest ingredients.

Thanks to its 1.3HP high efficiency motor and 6.9-litre stainless steel bowl, the mixer provides plenty of room to mix large quantities of food, enabling high-volume batches for a more productive kitchen operation. To put quantities into perspective, a 6.9-litre bowl allows the operator to mix 14 batches of cookies or 3.8kg of bread dough.

As well as being used for an array of traditional baking techniques including mixing cake batter, kneading dough or whipping cream, it can come in handy for otherwise time-consuming tasks such as shredding meat for sandwiches, whipping up homemade sauces and even churning butter. KitchenAid is distributed through Mitchell & Cooper in the UK.

Maintenance need-to-know

Cleaning the KitchenAid heavy duty stand mixer is a straightforward task as the stainless steel bowl and metal accessories can be placed directly into a dishwasher after use. Storing a stand mixer on the countertop may allow dust and other oils from cooking to collect on the surface and in fine grooves and crevices. The all-metal body of the product allows it to be wiped clean with ease.

Marco MIX and FRIIA undercounter water systems

Marco Beverage System’s undercounter hot, cold or sparkling water systems are the most stylish way to improve workflow and speed up service in a busy coffee shop. The Marco MIX is an undercounter hot water delivery system that can provide three different temperatures of hot water from a single tap, while the Marco FRIIA is an undercounter system that can deliver hot, cold and sparkling water from the same set-up.

By placing a Marco MIX next to an espresso machine, coffee shops and cafes can pre-set volume and temperature dispense so baristas can make americano, hot chocolate and tea from a single font, without moving from their station or turning their back to the customer.

The Marco FRIIA incorporates cold and sparkling water with the hot, allowing coffee shops to serve refreshing water, lemonades or sparkling teas from a single font. The units not only improve workflow and speed of service, but their sleek design means that counters remain uncluttered and baristas can maintain customer engagement.

Maintenance need-to-know

The Marco MIX and FRIIA undercounter water systems are easy to install, maintain, clean and service. The brushed steel fonts can be wiped down at the end of service and the lines simply need to be flushed through with a cleaning solution as per the user manual.

Crem Unity 1+ coffee machine

Uniting filter and espresso brewing capabilities with a world-class fresh milk foaming system, the intuitive Crem Unity 1+ is truly one of a kind, allowing cafes and coffee shops to create consistently amazing barista-quality coffees, which can be tailored to the individual preferences of customers, by the touch of a high definition screen.

The need to speed up service has never been as important as it is now. The Unity 1+ once again excels on this front given that it has been specifically designed to ease barista duties and enhance drinks quality through the inclusion of state-of-the-art features such as optimised water temperatures for teas, a one-touch cleaning function and thermos brewing capabilities.

The single most desirable feature of the Crem Unity 1+ is its automatic fresh milk foaming system, SmartFoam. It automatically delivers a variety of different milk textures including flat, wet and dry, thereby allowing cafes to offer an extensive variety of milk-based drinks with ease.

Maintenance need-to-know

Daily cleaning of the Crem Unity1+ is as easy as operating the unit itself. To start off, the operator simply needs to empty the drip tray and waste bin. Then, via the Unity 1+’s high definition screen, the required automated cleaning cycle can be selected from the ‘service menu’ option.

Fracino Bambino Luxury coffee machine

Fracino’s Bambino Luxury is a compact 2 group espresso machine that offers every type of venue the key features of a full commercial system with premium build quality for a long, reliable and cost-effective ownership experience. The large 10-litre boiler provides excellent volumes of hot water and powerful steam for excellent milk frothing results, while the 2.8kw power rating requires only a standard 13 amp socket for quick installation.

The white finish side panels and pressure gauge provide a modern, clean but impressive image, while the quality, highly polished stainless steel working surfaces are easy to clean and will look smart for many years. The machine is ideal for operators looking to serve 50 to 350 cups per day.

Maintenance need-to-know

The Bambino Luxury is very easy to look after. A simple daily cleaning routine takes just a few minutes. Fracino says its inherent high quality construction and reputation for exceptional reliability ensure that the ownership experience is a long and productive one, with minimal attention necessary.

Pinti Inox eco-friendly cutlery

Pinto Inox’s range of eco-friendly cutlery is 100% recyclable and reusable at an affordable cost. The range includes a choice of three cutlery options — rewashable low-cost stainless-steel cutlery; stainless-steel straws with pipe cleaner; and ‘Happy Hour’ small cutlery for small food, such as tapas and snacks.

With a single-use plastic cutlery ban set to be enforced from 2021 and the ban on plastic straws implemented from 1 October 2020, coffee shop and cafe operators need alternatives in terms of sustainability and cost with a stronger concern around hygiene. The Use & Reuse range comprises a series of products that are resistant to heavy professional use, meet the highest quality standards and remain affordable to operators.

Maintenance need-to-know

The Use & Reuse products are made from stainless steel, meaning they can be easily washed in professional dishwashers. The pieces do not bend or break.

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