Kitchen specialist moots ‘staff-less’ catering as the future of B&I

Monika wireless temperature monitoring

Wireless temperature monitoring specialist Monika has been working with a leading B&I operator to facilitate the introduction of “staff-less” catering facilities in what it regards as a landmark development for the sector.

Rag Hulait, senior sales consultant at Monika, says the project is designed to “take vending to the next level” and will allow employees to choose from a range of fresh meals before using a swipe card or wireless payment system to purchase their goods.

“With CCTV recording to check for accuracy and the very latest PathFinder system from Monika installed to continuously record the temperature of individual fridges, staff presence is not required for the catering establishment to function,” explains Hulait.

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“We are working closely with the client to develop the system so that should the temperature in a fridge exceed the pre-set parameters, the door will automatically lock and the light will go out to prevent customers from consuming the food inside.”

Hulait says that not only does this arrangement provide ongoing food safety, but it also allows for a greater choice of fresh food and significant labour efficiencies across the business.

“We see this as the future of B&I and are proud to be working with the contractors to ensure the continued growth and profitability in the sector,” he adds.

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