‘KITCHENOLOGY’ WALK-THROUGH: Top 10 appliances that show the future of professional kitchens

Kitchenology Zone

1. 3S POS Kitchen Display System

The Kitchen Display System by 3S POS has been developed specifically for hospitality and empowers chefs and kitchen staff with a wealth of information to manage table and takeaway orders. The 3S POS kitchen display system comes fully integrated with the EPOS software, online and in-app orders as well as the customer-facing Order Ready Screens.

2. Reco-Air Recirculating Kitchen Extract Unit

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Reco-Air manufactures recirculating kitchen extract units for the commercial foodservice sector. No route to atmosphere or external duct is required as Reco’s patented filtration technology removes smoke, steam, grease  and odour and returns independently certified clean air. Reco-Air enables installation of kitchens to previously unfeasible locations and provides space planning and complete layout flexibility. The units are DW172 & CE compliant, meet UK and EU safety requirements and are UL listed.

3. Rational SelfCooking Center XS combi oven and VarioCookingCenter

The Rational SelfCookingCentre is the first intelligent commercial cooking appliance that interacts with chefs. This combi oven gets to know the way chefs work so that together, with their combi oven, they will deliver the best possible cooking results.

4. Lainox Naboo Combi Oven

Naboo combis are packed full of great features that include a 10-inch tablet style control, home screen to show popular recipes, Wifi connectivity as standard, automatic washing system and a CALOUT oven protection system that keeps the boiler scale free. It also includes a retractable hand shower and multipoint core probe.

5. Liebherr GKPV 6590 Refrigeration Cabinet

Liebherr SmartMonitoring is coming to the UK in the late 2019, early 2020, and will enable operators to track temperature performance, abnormal activities and unit alarms across individual and groups of up to 20 units. Liebherr also offers a hard wired individual unit monitoring solution, currently used by one of the world’s leading supermarket chains.

6. Krupps EL51E Undercounter Warewasher With Uniko Wi-Fi

The only dishwashers that are constantly connected to the service engineer by Wifi for a prompt remote service, according to Krupps. Dealers can set parameters remotely, knowing the problem in advance before scheduling the visit. They are able to monitor installed machines, view the scheduled maintenance and have direct access to the machine data.

7. Meiko M-iClean UM+ Warewasher

The unmistakable face of a new generation of appliances that are designed to appeal to an affinity for technology and efficiency, a sense of eco-friendliness and a love of beautiful design. With M-iClean, dishwashing has never been so cost-effective, so environmentally friendly or so aesthetically pleasing, according to Meiko.

8. Winterhalter Passthrough Energy Saving warewasher

Ideal for busy restaurants who are keen to reduce their running costs and environmental impact. The product can connect to the internet allowing users to monitor the machine remotely via a portal or app. Users also benefit from the recommendations that the portal can make to help with improving wash results, reducing running costs and ensuring the machine is running optimally.

9. Aluline Devastator System

Concentrated bacterial injection to enhance the operation of a drainage system. Filter system minimises solids or organics entering the drainage system. Reducing of standard cleaning operations to internal traps and giving operators the means to train staff.

10. Induced Energy Invisible Buffet Table

The invisible buffet table allows the operator to cook or hot-hold food directly in front of the customer with an additional ‘wow factor’ courtesy of the latest induction cooking technology.




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