Kitchens to make up orders given by Alexa smart speakers

Alex Echo Dot smart speaker

A London-based voice tech company claims to have launched the UK’s first end-to-end takeaway delivery service via Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker.

Alexa currently hosts some limited food ordering apps, which mainly allow users to reorder food items previously purchased via smartphone.

But tech firm Natta has devised a system that offers a full takeaway experience on Alexa – regardless of whether the customer has ordered from the restaurant before or knows the menu.

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Natta has partnered with Brixton-based restaurant Other Side Fried to make the service available to customers.

If users don’t know what they want or what they can choose, Alexa will send the menu to their phone.

Orders are placed via Alexa and delivered by a courier – with all voice orders receiving a 25% discount.

Natta founder Jon Sprank is convinced voice control is the future – with 55% of households predicted to own smart speakers by 2022.

He said: “I got a smart speaker and was astounded at how little you could do with it. I wanted to order my takeaway on it and, having worked in the London F&B scene as the European sales director for iZettle, I knew the space well and set out to do it myself.

“At the moment the app is exclusively operational within 1.5 miles of Other Side Fried Brixton Central but this is just the start. We are working on a voice-first food delivery market place that we will be rolling out across London and the UK in the next few months.

Consumers will eventually be able to use voice assistants to research, select and order from their favourite restaurants, “just as if they were having a conversation with a friend”, said Mr Sprank.

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