Krupps targets catering professionals with dedicated portal

Krupps HQ, Italy

Dishwasher manufacturer Krupps has launched a new app ‘HORECA Masterschool’, which it hopes will become a hub for professionals to meet and share ideas to keep abreast of industry developments and raise awareness of their work.

The website was founded to help small, medium and large enterprises, bars, restaurants, hotels and caterers. It turns to individual professionals and entrepreneurs wanting  to commit themselves to their own business and assess the quality of their service according to the degree of customer satisfaction.

Export managing director, Riccardo Scuotto, said: “HoReCa is a fast-growing, highly competitive industry constantly on the move. Professional attitude, expertise and reliability are not enough to dominate the market – creativity and continuous training are pivotal for businesses to play a key role and offer a high-quality service to customers.”

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The online hub provides a pool of information accurately handled and shared by insiders who are constantly focused on the latest trends and new consumers’ behaviours.

Scuotto added: “HoReCa Masterschool is not only a blog, it is your invisible partner. It assists you in your daily work by helping you face routine problems as well as the unexpected difficulties which may arise in such a changeable –  though challenging – job. It offers advice and solutions to provide a better service to customers as well as a better environment to the professionals working in the kitchen, behind the counter or in the background in general.”

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