La Tasca keen to see if new equipment quirk takes off

Paella holding unit

Spanish tapas chain La Tasca could introduce bespoke paella holding units into future kitchen designs after trialling the concept at its newest restaurant.

The group, which is up to around 45 restaurants in the UK, has just opened at the Birmingham Barclaycard Arena, where it worked with Lockhart Design Services to create a kitchen focused around achieving maximum efficiency.

One of the most exciting developments as far as the company is concerned is an integrated induction-based section solely for cooking and holding paellas.

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“To see paella being cooked is an amazing piece of theatre, so guests will now be able to see that being done,” operations director James Picton told FEJ. “Once it is cooked, we need to be able to hold it somewhere because paella can sit there for half an hour with people taking different portions. What we have done is created a paella stand and once it’s cooked it is put onto an induction glass top where it can sit there for as long as it needs to.”

Picton confirmed that if the unit proves a success it will consider making it a feature of future kitchen designs.

“In some ways it is a test because we don’t know how well it is going to go. But we are all excited to see if it works because if it does then we will be sitting down with the supplier and looking at what they can do to work with us in the future on other new builds.”

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