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Lebanese restaurant chain Comptoir Libanais is quickly building a reputation for serving some of the best-tasting Middle Eastern cuisine around. But behind the scenes it takes just as much pride in the sparkling standard of its plates and dishes after making a significant investment in new warewashing equipment.

Nestled on a bustling, popular promenade besides the River Thames, Comptoir Libanais offers an eclectic mix of traditional and modern Lebanese cuisine. Opened in April last year, Comptoir Libanais in Kingston upon Thames is the largest of a chain of 13 restaurants in and around the capital, with capacity for 146 seated inside and a further 54 in the alfresco dining area to the front.

A number of years ago, the firm noticed a gap in the market for the diverse tastes of Lebanese food and set about creating a consistent offering high on quality. This ethos has extended to every aspect of its operation, including the warewashing area.

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It’s not just delicate crockery we are able to wash. Even burnt-on grease from large pans and trays is scrubbed quickly and efficiently using the equipment”

Having undertaken extensive research into the options available on the market, the company purchased a WD-6 single-hood machine and WD-PRM6 pre-rinse machine from Wexiodisk, which not only provided maximum use of limited space but delivered the consistency to continually wash to the highest standard and save energy at the same time.

Gane Ordevski, general manager at Comptoir Libanais, says the warewasher and pre-rinse machine have delivered the results it was looking for.

“To ensure we provide an authentic Lebanese theme throughout the dining experience, we make use of a range of crockery, including china, glass and plastic plates and bowls. The wash process is able to efficiently and delicately clean and sanitise all of these, ensuring we are able to provide the customer with sparkling dishware at all times. It’s not just delicate crockery we are able to wash, though. Even burnt-on grease from large pans and trays is scrubbed quickly and efficiently using the equipment.”

PAGE 6 - Case study 1With environmental concerns a very topical issue and the rise of business overheads continually having an impact on profits, the chain is always searching for new ways to reduce its energy consumption. Wexiodisk assists with this as the pre-rinse machine utilises the warm, waste water from the WD-6 to rinse the dirty plates without needing any further fresh water to do so.

“This saves us significant amounts on fresh water over the course of the day, but also ensures that the water in the warewasher remains cleaner for longer, reducing the cleaning chemicals used, too,” acknowledges Ordevski. “What’s more, by replacing the manual rinse, our team has more time to get on with other jobs in the kitchen.”

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