Lincat R&D team conjures up new ‘Confidence Box’ product line

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Lincat has launched a brand new product it has christened the ‘Confidence Box’ – a unit that sterilises objects in just 30 seconds.

Measuring 375mm x 575mm x 450mm, the pass-through, countertop unit uses UV-C lamps to reduce viral and bacterial contamination on the exposed surfaces of any item placed inside it.

A new addition to Lincat’s IMClean range, the company is targeting it at retailers as well as foodservice businesses.

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As the process doesn’t involve liquids, it doesn’t damage the goods in any way, meaning it can be used for any product, ranging from food and drink, to electronics, clothing, and spectacles.

Helen Applewhite, marketing manager at Lincat, said: “Hygiene is naturally high on everyone’s agenda right now, and we are all incredibly aware of the risks of everything we touch. We were keen to try to find a way to boost customer confidence in the products handed to them in foodservice and retail outlets.

“Our R&D team quickly identified that UV-C rays, which have been used to sterilise equipment in the healthcare sector for many years, could provide a solution.

“They worked around the clock to produce the Confidence Box, which uses four UV-C lamps, located in the base, sides and top, to reduce viral and bacterial contamination of the objects placed inside.”

In terms of operation, the server simply loads the goods into the back of the unit and switches it on. At the end of the 30-second cycle, the inside of the cabinet lights up green and an alarm sounds.

Staying safely behind the unit, the server lifts the front door, and the customer reaches in to retrieve their goods.

The Confidence Box is constructed from grade 304 stainless steel.

Aluminium, safety interlock doors ensure the lamps will only switch on when the doors are closed and a tinted acrylic door blocks UV-C light from passing through.

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