Lincat unveils sub-£4k electric oven

Opus OE7016 electric oven

Lincat has added a new, low-cost electric oven range to its heavy-duty Opus 700 collection of prime cooking equipment.

With a list price of £3,895, the OE7016 features six round high-speed 2.6kW hot plates, which are smaller and therefore less expensive to produce than the larger square plates of its sister range, the OE7008. However, Lincat claims the OE7016 is identical to the OE7008 in every other respect.

The round hot plates provide rapid heat-up are ideal for standard or smaller pans. Most, if not all, of the cooking area is covered by the pan, which enables heat to be transferred as efficiently as possible.

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By contrast, the square plates of the OE7008 create a large, almost continuous, cooking surface. This is ideal for those who like to use larger pans and slide them around as they would on a solid top. However the OE7016 can accommodate larger pans too, thanks to its low level flue, which maximises cooking space.

Helen Applewhite, marketing manager at Lincat, said: “Electric oven ranges are an increasingly popular choice for many kitchens, especially where there is no access to gas, or where the cost of the installation of a gas interlock ventilation system would be prohibitive. We are pleased, therefore, to be able to widen our offer, with the addition of a lower cost Opus 700 electric oven range.”

The OE7016 is equipped with a twin fan assisted oven, which gives even heat distribution and consistent cooking results. With three shelves that can take six 1/1GN dishes, this new range can easily meet the needs of the busiest commercial kitchen. A fully pressed sealed hob, and removable oven base, side and top liners, allow for easy cleaning.

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