Maidaid MTB1405

Maidaid MTB1405

The MTB1405 produces pebble ice, which can be used in a variety of establishments and industries including bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, fish markets and supermarkets.

As well its diverse uses, the MTB1405 is extremely efficient, using only one litre of water per 1kg of ice produced.

The machine has been Tropical Class certified meaning that it is capable of operating in temperatures of up to 43°C.

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The rounded interior surfaces make the daily interior cleaning of the machine easy.

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The MTB1405 produces pebble ice ranging from one to three grams with a capacity of 140kg per 24 hours.

It is one of five models in the range with production capacities of between 85kg and 440kg per day.


Width: 738mm
Depth: 690mm
Height: 1130mm
Capacity: 140kg of ice per day
List price: £4,020

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