Man goes ‘berserk’ in Nando’s with cleaver snatched from kitchen

Nando’s Soho

A man has been arrested after going “berserk” with a meat cleaver he grabbed from the kitchen during a row at a branch of Nando’s in London.

Customers dived for cover after the man took the 10-inch blade from a chef’s worktop when a dispute broke out among five people at the Islington restaurant.

He ran around brandishing the weapon, screaming and trying to slash at one of the men before hurling the cleaver at the front window, witnesses told the Evening Standard.

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The report said that armed police flooded the restaurant after being alerted to the incident, which happened at 4pm on Monday.

A diner, who asked not to be named, told the paper: “There were four guys at a table and a man came in with his girlfriend and sat next to them. The man punched one of them in the face and they started exchanging blows.

“The fight escalated and they all went outside before the guy came back in and grabbed a meat cleaver. The guys outside jumped into a car. The man with the knife threw it and smashed the window, then ran away. People were hiding under the tables. There were about 14 people in there including two children. No-one was hurt, but the kids were shaken.”

Another said: “There were three or four of them fighting each other at the table. One of them ran to the kitchen and grabbed a big knife. He was running after one guy trying to cut him. He was really angry, just crazy.”

Police officers reportedly arrested a 20-year-old man from Islington on suspicion of affray, possession of a knife and criminal damage.

An Islington Police spokesman said: “The manager of Nando’s called police saying that a man had grabbed a meat cleaver from their kitchen and was waving it towards another male in the restaurant. Two PCSOs on patrol were passing by and saw the male, they alerted PCs and directed them to him. The males involved all knew each other and it was part of a personal dispute.”

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