Marana Forni designs oven for fast casual pizza operations

Marana Forni Genius oven

Marana Forni, the inventor of the rotating deck pizza oven, has designed and built an oven specifically for fast casual pizza operations.

The ‘Genius’ oven allows operators to programme their desired cook time and temperature, which can then be locked in and is automatically maintained.

The oven cooks the pizza in precisely one turn of the cooking deck, allowing any operator to be able to cook pizza perfectly.

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“With the fast casual Genius oven control system, you simply put the pizza in the oven and take it out again at the end of the cooking cycle. Every pizza cooks the same meaning consistency is assured,” explained Clive White, director of White’s Foodservice Equipment, which markets the brand.

Mr White said that casual dining staff could be easily trained up on the machine, while the level of automation built into the oven eliminates the need for a skilled operator to spend their shift stood in front of the oven making sure the pizza doesn’t burn.

Despite only being made available in the UK just recently, the company says the unit is already receiving “massive interest” from the market.

“The award-winning pizza delivery chain Firezza has taken delivery of six ovens in the last three months for their recent openings and love the simplicity and baking quality of the oven,” said Mr White.

White’s Foodservice Equipment has an oven in its test kitchen in Redditch where operators can put the equipment through its paces.

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