Marcus Wareing survey finds customers want restaurants to check staff for fever before beginning service

On a scale of 1-10, how concerned will you be about COVID-19 when dining out post-lockdown? Marcus Wareing survey, May 2020

A survey carried out by leading chef Marcus Wareing has found that three quarters of diners would like to see restaurants take the temperature of staff before they begin shifts – but are less fussy about employees wearing face masks and gloves.

The poll set out to explore how customers feel about returning to restaurants when the lockdown has been lifted – and the steps that operators can take to provide added reassurance around cleanliness and hygiene.

31% of respondents said they were “quite concerned” about the prospect of returning back to restaurants, while ​23% expressed “little concern”.

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The main areas of apprehension among almost 9,000 respondents who took part in the survey was other guest​​s, staff, surfaces and bathrooms.

Marcus Wareing Restaurants said it already adheres to extremely high hygiene and food safety standards already, but asked respondents which additional hygiene measures they would you like to see implemented in future.

74% cited temperature checks for employees before each shift and 41% indicated they would like to see partitions between each table.

38% gave the nod to face masks and 34% said yes to gloves.

Distances between tables wasn’t offered as an option, as the company is treating it as a necessary measure.

Q. What elements of the restaurant experience, if any, concern you when it comes to the transmission of COVID-19? (Source: Marcus Wareing survey, May 2020)

​​​​Customers were also polled on their willingness to adhere to certain safety measures.

81% of people claimed they would be happy to use hand saitiser before entry and throughout the meal.

The same percentage also said they had no isuse with an informal service style, including pouring their own wine and water, and reaching for their own plates instead of them being presented.

Nearly 70% said they would also be happy with a temperature check,but felt less comfortable about wearing a mask when not eating or wearing gloves throughout the meal.

“The input has proven very valuable and will guide us over the coming months as we look to re-open,” said Mr Wareing.

Recently, Marcus Wareing expressed concerns over how restaurants could manage their kitchens with social distancing measures in place.

Marcus Wareing: ‘I have no clue how social distancing in kitchens will work’

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