MARKET TALK: Kitchen optimisation, the energy tariff question and restaurant density management

In this week’s episode of Market Talk, Richard Fordham, managing director at Ki-Tech Solutions, and Anna Massey, business development director at GS Group, join us to discuss how they see the market in the week that the industry was allowed to open indoors again.

Commercial kitchen operators face ever increasing demands to find economic efficiencies, while energy supplies are becoming more limited and prices are constantly rising.

Mr Fordham outlines some of the technologies that can overcome these issues and explains why multi-site restaurants in particular are keen to embrace real-time monitoring systems that provide new levels of connectivity.

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Devon-based GS Group delivers catering equipment projects to a wide range of sectors. Ms Massey discusses how the businesses has navigated its way through the pandemic and why she believes that the industry will quickly bounce back from the turbulence of the past year.

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