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BBPA publishes new cost guidelines for British pub tenants and lessees

BBPA publishes new cost guidelines for British pub tenants and lessees

The British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) has released the latest edition of its operating cost guide for tenants and lessees. The data is intended to inform those wishing to take on a tenanted or leased business about the costs involved in running a pub. The BBPA’s guide provides information for tenants and lessees on

RETURN OF THE MAC: McDonald’s looks to set the tone for QSR kitchens of the future

When a corporate bellwether such as McDonald’s stakes its bets on a horse, it’s usually worth the rest of the industry sitting up and paying attention because there’s a fair chance that industry benchmarks will be set in the process. The US-based QSR company and its golden arches have been a symbol of fast food

Full service restaurants are worse for customer health than fast food, says study

Policy makers around the world are being told that their demonisation of fast food outlets over full service restaurants is misguided and wrong. A study by the University of Illinois published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that eating out at full service restaurants is more unhealthy than a trip to a

JDW and Brewers Fayre lead restaurant charge

A survey of British diners has revealed that the number of respondents using more formal venues such as restaurants and pub restaurants increased during the Christmas period. Some 51% of eating out was accounted for by these venues, compared with 47% six months ago, according to Horizons’ latest Eating Out-Look, conducted online by YouGov. The results

Investor appetite for bars and restaurants shows no sign of waning

If there were any doubts that private equity firms were reluctant to invest in the restaurant sector then 2014 banished those in spectacular fashion. BDO’s winter Bar & Restaurant Report provides a fascinating account of the major M&A activity that has altered landscape. Here, in its words, is a rundown of the moves that are