Marren studies parts costs to create a microwave that is more economical to repair than replace

Marren ISM-800 kitchen

Marren claims its first ever own-label microwave is between 40% and 80% more affordable than other models on the market based on its own study of their top 10 replacement parts.

The Northamptonshire-based service and maintenance provider has been repairing cooking appliances for more than 35 years, but the launch of the ISM-1800 model represents its first attempt at its own line of equipment.

An important factor throughout the development phase was a lower overall cost of ownership and to encourage repairs rather than replace the microwave when a breakdown occurs.

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To do this, Marren examined the top 10 replacement parts of a number of leading comparable microwaves and measured them against the ISM-1800 model, resulting in the cost reduction of more than 40% that it claims is achievable.

Kelly Barrell, business development manager at Marren, said that supplying a more economic model will ensure this type of equipment will stay out of landfill for longer.

“Sustainability was always going to be an important factor for us but we needed to deliver this without any compromise on quality. Our knowledge of operator pains has helped us develop this product and we are excited to launch it onto the market,” she said.

The ISM-1800 is backed by a three-year on-site warranty and features a top and bottom magnetron for more even heat distribution. Its 17.9L capacity is designed to allow more food to be cooked in one cycle and it features 100 auto programs and USB function to facilitate menu roll-outs.

The 1800 watt model has a removable facia option with various designs and the ability to apply company branding.

“There has already been quite a lot of interest amongst our existing customers. The microwave has been tested in a major restaurant chain and department store. Both have placed sizeable orders based on their experience,” revealed Ms Barrell.

To mark the launch and outline its commitment to the environment, the company plans to donate £5 to World Land Trust to plant a tree for every unit sold.

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