EXCLUSIVE: Marren’s unique fast food solution supports growth in accelerated ovens

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Marren has been awarded UK distribution rights for American manufacturer HAVI’s SIX500 packaging, which is specifically designed for use in high-speed commercial ovens.

The technology was developed over a three-year period after HAVI was approached by Welbilt to solve a decades’ old question from customers about what packaging is suitable for use in its ovens.

The full range of pans and bowls has been heavily tested for commercial kitchen environments using high heat, fan, and microwave rapid cook ovens, convection and steam combination ovens, and impingement heat conveyor ovens. 

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It is approved for use in temperatures of up to 273°C for six minutes and can be used in blast freezers and chillers.

Marren will now make the products available to the UK market following local product customisation.

“HAVI is a trusted brand in the US market and wanted to partner with a brand of similar stature in order to bring this product to the whole of the UK market,” explained business development manager Kelly Barrell.

“At Marren, we are specialists in supplying and maintaining accelerated ovens, such as Turbochef, Merrychef and Panasonic, for use in the commercial food sector. The product that HAVI has developed is for use in this type of oven and following extensive research, it developed packaging that complies with our UK regulations. This was an opportunity for us to offer real added value to our customers. The SIX500 product is a game-changer in this sector and Marren wanted to offer this packaging to all sectors within the catering industry.”

Marren is traditionally known for its repair, maintenance and spares expertise around accelerated cooking so the partnership represents a potential new revenue stream for the business.

“We are always looking at product developments that can offer added value to our customers. Diversification and expanding our range are great ways to do this, as new developments reach the market,” added Mrs Barrell.

She predicts the packaging will prove invaluable for many fast food businesses as it will enable them to add variety and quality to their menus as well as offering more healthy food options.

There are more than 1.5 million accelerated cooking ovens in the market place today and that number is expected to grow as foodservice footprints shrink and the importance of flexibility and mobility expands.

“The sales of accelerated ovens have increased dramatically in recent times and this packaging will certainly fuel the demand. The pricing and availability of this product will appeal to a wide range of outlets and organisations from, cafes, quick service restaurants, convenient stores, garage forecourts, care homes to the military. We are currently one of a few suppliers in the UK and are looking to expand our customer base. This is an incredibly exciting new product because of what you can now cook and serve in an accelerated oven with this packaging.”

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