McDonald’s branches ‘install device that stops ice cream machines failing’

McDonald’s Olympic Park, Stratford

A software company called Kytch has reportedly developed a device that can better manage and tackle issues with “temperamental” ice cream machines used by fast food chains.

According to an article by Business Insider, McDonald’s franchisees in the US are adding the device to their current machines to correct any minor malfunctions and provide workers with important information when a machine appears to break down.

The report claims that one of the main issues employees encounter with their machines is the intensive automated cleaning cycle, which could take up to four hours to complete.

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The connected Kytch device – which appears to have parallels with the way that telemetry is used within the coffee machine market – can make sure the cycle happens when it’s supposed to, and will correct any mechanical issues caused by human error, such as if the machine is overfilled or under-filled.

Using data that it collects, the system can also warn employees about potential issues and the reason for them.

It is understood that McDonald’s isn’t currently demanding franchisees fit the system, but the report suggested “several” McDonald’s locations across multiple franchisees have implemented them.

McDonald’s gave a stock response when quizzed on the situation: “Providing a restaurant experience that our customers expect is among our top priorities. McDonald’s Corporation and its franchisees are constantly working together on improving and enhancing the restaurant experience so that customers can enjoy McDonald’s food where and when they want it.”

Some Burger King franchisees have also implemented the device at their locations, the report said.

The Kytch technology is produced by the same team behind a range of fully automated soft serve machines, which can be completely operated by smart phones.

The business grew out of the need to remotely control and predict issues with the kiosks.

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