Mechline’s hygiene amplification system changes the game for commercial kitchens

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UK manufacturer Mechline Developments is making waves with a revolutionary air and surface hygiene amplification system that changes the game for commercial kitchens.

The wall-mounted HyGenikx system is proven to eradicate bacteria and viruses throughout the foodservice and hospitality environment, as well as significantly prolong the life of fresh perishable food.

HyGenikxworks safely all day and every day, eliminating bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and volatile organic compounds found in the air and on exposed surfaces in a given space, even in those hardest to reach places.

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The range has models available to suit various applications, including food preparation areas, coldrooms, washrooms and refuse areas.

Kristian Roberts, marketing manager at Mechline Developments, said: “HyGenikx is a serious game-changer for the industry. Not only does it take hygiene standards to levels impossible to achieve with traditional methods, it prolongs the life of food.

“In a controlled, experimental trial, we’ve seen HyGenikx prolong the life of fresh produce in a cold store by an average of 58%, which is an average increase in shelf-life of over a week. Food waste is a significant cost to most businesses, and by helping to prevent it HyGenikx provides a real opportunity for foodservice operators to take control and save money.”

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