Greg Crump, development chef

Greg Crump supports the Hobart sales team with fully tailored demonstrations for visiting customers, delivering training and providing help for after-sales. He discusses live cooking via YouTube, the roll-out of regional demo kitchens and equipment that puts operators in complete control of the cooking process.

Do you feel the role of development chefs is constantly evolving?

Yes, my job is constantly evolving! As new products are released, new testing is needed, and then I’m involved with the roll-out of training across our sales teams. My demonstrations and recipes are constantly changing to keep up with current trends and styles of cooking so I’m always ready for what’s next.

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What aspects of the job give you most satisfaction?

Interacting with customers and chefs — the job has a great variety, and every day is different! I also enjoy putting the equipment through its paces and using it to its maximum potential. I enjoy working closely with the factory, product team and customers on future developments to find innovative ways we can improve our equipment.

How can customers and operators most benefit from your role and services?

We offer free training for the life of our products to help operators gain the most from their equipment. And during the process of buying we’ll invite operators to our kitchen where we can experiment and test their recipes to ensure they are 100% happy with the results they’re going to get.

Which items of equipment that your company supplies do you find yourself working on the most and why?

Customers get really excited about equipment that can make their lives easier and also offer great results, so I do a lot of demonstrations on the Bonnet Precipan to show its multifunctionality and the Bonnet high-speed steamer because of the speed and quality of the cook.

What sort of development kitchen facilities do you have and how easy is it for operators to get access to these?

Our main demo kitchen is in our innovation centre in Peterborough at the Hobart head office, so as it’s centrally based it’s fairly easy for visitors to get to and it has all our newest products to showcase. We’ve also started our ‘Hobart Demo Kitchen’ YouTube channel where customers can watch me in action live if they are unable to get to us, and we’re in the process of rolling out regional demo kitchens, including one at Leeds United Football Club so we can offer demonstrations around the country.

What is the big focus or main message from you at the moment when it comes to helping foodservice operators get the best return from their equipment investment?

My biggest focus is making sure that the customer is fully aware of what product would work for them. Then making sure that they are fully in tune with all the functions on the equipment for them to gain the most from it for their business.

Is there any recent customer project or work that you have been involved in which gives you most satisfaction?

Recently we had a chain account that was looking at gaining a faster cook while keeping the quality of their product and the Bonnet high-speed steamer was the star of the show. The customer was extremely happy and confident that the high-speed steamer was the correct choice for them moving forward and they’ll now be rolling it out across their estate.

Which item of equipment that is already launched or in the pipeline would you say you are most excited about?

The 100 and 150 litre Bonnet Precipan bulk cooking pans are amazing. They offer complete control to the chef, allowing them the options to sauté, boil, braise, fry and more, and it even offers you the ability to have different temperature zones on the base of the pan.


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