Meiko bets on new range of machines to give weary kitchen porters a lift

Meiko insists that high volume catering operations which incorporate its new M-iClean hood machines into their warewashing areas can expect to make life considerably less arduous for kitchen staff.

Ergonomics were a big focus for the brand when it began developing the range, leading to the introduction of an automatic hood-lifting system.

“It is ergonomically efficient, easier to use and offers less stress for the user, which in return gives better and faster results with maximum efficiency,” explained Meiko UK boss Paul Anderson.

”It has been proven that, on average, the lifting weight (80 newtons) of a pass-through dishwasher is equivalent to lifting a heavy dumbbell. When you consider how many times the operator does that a day, it’s quite frightening.”

Meiko believes that removing this stress from the equation creates a more relaxed and calming environment, which will deliver clear benefits in terms of staff wellbeing and motivation.

“Busy kitchens might need to put up to 120 racks through the machine in one session and for smaller kitchen staff, especially, this can cause awkward stretching, as well as being tiring,” added Mr Anderson.

The M-iClean HXL Double Basket model is aimed at high-throughput catering sites, such as restaurants and schools.




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